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Perkalaba. Dido (Grandpa) After release of the album "Movlennyek" (the joint project by Moh and Kuzia aka Qzzaargh), I think, something electronic and psychedelic was expected from Perkalaba – just due to inertia. But Perkalaba does not care about inertia, so the album "Dido" – it is something different again. As a surfer has to gulp lots of salt water in order to, at last, without breaking his/her bones, get through the "tunnel" – the same is here. From outside, it seems that in the sense of music Perkalaba, having experienced a lot of different stuff, has returned to the wave it started from – but in fact this is essentially different music played with more or less the same instruments. Such a trick, and it is not the only one here – so I advise you to listen very carefully. You may hear a retrospective journey from the crazy past to the psychedelic present. Maybe – you will visit the Mystical Theater of Shadows on Perforated Cardboard. Maybe – you will wake up with a smile on your lips, because there is no such game that would not cause a smile on lips of an immortal. Maybe – you will just stop hiding from vicissitudes of this life, because only fear immobilizes, while love – changes worlds... Whatever it is – make your choose. Consciously. Of course, one may think of it as another festival of mushrooms and trout – but most likely the mushroom with which the trout could dive into the so transparent has not yet been born..

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog), umka.com.ua

Label: Familia PERKALABA

DIDO (Grandpa) 2011


  Andriy "Fedot" Fedotov - vocals
Vovendjah "Big Masta" Shoturma - cimbalom, backing vocals
Sergiy Shvayuk - trumpet, backing vocals
Viktor Stepanyuk - trombone
Viktor "Jr." Novozhylov - guitars, programming
Lev Skrentkovych - drums
Sasha Gridin - bass
Alek "Mox" Gnativ - management, occasional vocals

Music, lyrics - Perkalaba

Recording - Viktor Novozhylov, Oleg "Frost" Moroz

Mixing, Mastering - Oleg Artym


Perkalaba management: